When we think of tech marketing many images and thoughts come to the fore, but we should ask do they actually work in doing what is at the heart of marketing, which is sell more of your product. Today it is arguable that the allure surrounding so much of marketing firms is the product of many tech startups that hit it big and realize they do not have an understanding of business as such. That is to say that these individuals get into whatever field they are in because they are skilled engineers or programmers, and are driven to make the best product or develop the greatest software, not necessarily be the best business person. Obviously they are looking to cash in on what they make, but the road to getting there is often vague to them. Thus we see that these people in the absence of certainty seek out people who think that they are more qualified in this regard and as marketers are best at first and foremost marketing themselves and the service they provide. Thus we see a kind of culture that is pervasive within the valley where like everything there is being overly valued. asdfasdf
Across the board what we are beginning to see is that some tech companies are sticking their guns and saying that they can handle the marketing of their own products and doing it in house. This is a ground breaking approach and for them it is actually working. Of coarse there have been some world changing marketing campaigns to come out of the Silicon Valley, most notably we think of the, “think different” campaign from Apple that became ubiquitous with making it more than a computer, rather it was a life style, a way of navigating the social arena and differentiating yourself. Essentially saying that in buying your Apple product you are more than a consumer, you are a part of a lifestyle, a movement that is both widespread buy more importantly individualized to you. It was seen as a sfgkjmeans of empowerment that this tool would give you the power to not only think different but be different. Of coarse this is one of the most successful ad campaigns in human history and kind of makes you think that of coarse tech giants should seek out and pay the huge sums of money they do to marketing agencies. However, when we look at the data this may not actually be the case. For instance  is it actually the case that your record sales were the result of the marketing behind it, or from the sheer fact that its a superior product or service. The data is beginning to suggest that it is the later, and the sums of money assassinated to it in marketing is a kind of net loss.  For instance, is it not the case that the sheer design of something for consumers is a kind of marketing in itself. Insofar as you are designing to the sensibilities and desires of the individuals you hope will wield them.


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