If you snoop around any tech circle there is probably nothing more coveted and valued than a nice purse of bitcoin. Flip the bill and ask your parents or grandparents what a Bitcoin even is and they will probably scratch their head, or think its a kind of new toy. But for law makers and people in the know this is some of the biggest grey areas in our society going forward and a large question as to how we should value and regulate this thing that for all intensive purposes doesn’t exist like our current financial systems. For a judge in Miami-Dade Country, the virtual money is nothing more than shadow currency. On last Monday Judge Teresa Mary Pooler completely discarded charges charges that were brought forth to the tune of felony against website  designer Michell Espinoza, who had been accused of transmitting and “laundering” 15 hundred dollars equivalent in bitcoin. This was an impossible case to even go to trial because for the sure fact that Bitcoin is not a tangible wealth. that be be hidden under a mattress like case or gold bars.

in the paper that explains how the Florida law forbids exchanging money for what they refer to as illicit activity, such as credit card fraud or out right theft.

Now this is where things get interesting because it does not seem as if the inability of a Florida Judge to understand or comprehend the tangibility and value of the currency is not beyond the scope of possibility as the end all be all for how we should consider this with our society. In this case the stakes were pretty small is we consider them in the grand scheme of the economy, but even the scope of what the bitcoin has done in the past. For instance today there are so many cases within the context of the world and ransoms paid it has very recently been the case that they are paid with bitcoins. Now are we to say that there is no legal baring or grounding we can refer to in this regard? In my opinion it seems to be the case that if more cases like this come to pass then it could go one of 2 ways. In the first case, it becomes regulated and it becomes encapsulated within our current economy and all will be well in the new world order and nothing changes. But if we take a step back and consider what could happen if in fact this stays on the fridge of our society and instructions yet still affects them what is going to happen. This is probably going to not every come to pass because if we are looking at it from the perspective of how they are looking in the context of the world market they are loosing favor, and fast. Another way we could see this going is that we are left to wonder where in the world the monetary system is going to go after the Trump presidency and the total collapse of the U.S. economy and possibly the human race.

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