At Amazon people bend over backwards to make sure their employees feel taken care of and their needs are met. When it comes to the treatment of their employees the same courtesy is not always extended. In fact it never really is and its actually pretty bad. In fact some people are calling them out right horrible and there is long hours for less pay and it is really bad. Although despite all these discrepancies between the two and increased scrutiny into Amazon’s work environment, the online retailer, has also been named. Although the Reputation Institute (RI), a global reputation management consulting firm with the America HQ in Whats more according to a ranking that this concerning the headquarters in Cambridge. 

“We tracked their reputation during that whole (public relations) crisis when the New York Times article came out about their work place practices. Then toward the holiday season, Amazon recovered really quickly. But they haven’t fully recovered and really the driving factor behind their bounce back is how strong they are in products and services innovation and financial performance.”

The three dimensions of a work place that people usually consider when they are looking at these kinds of metrics are workplace culture citizenship and governance and transparency. These heavily influenced the reputation in America’s tech industry for this years. But what are you to do there are so few options today that we have actually moved into a monopolistic society and there really doesn’t seem to be any sigh of there being anything really different. Consider the following point is that lets say you wanted to order something online from a retailer like Amazon and have it shipped to your house, who would you call? are you drawing a blank, good because there is no one. When we consider what we are going to do in the future it is scary considering that the consolidation of power will only get more and more pronounced.

Prior to the bruising workplace conditions for white collar workers at amazon became a frond page news in the New York times what were Amazons workers are saying some pretty scathing things about their employers. Since the story appeared, there has been a huge backlash of reactions which include more than 4000 comments on many of them by Amazon workers. This is all regarding their white collar workers, when we consider the situation of the blue collar workers the conditions have been seen to be down right deplorable. Glassdoor has more than 8 million reviews and a rating of 400 thousand companies. which includes 5 thousand revise. what they are saying about this was not so good even before the controversy came to the fore. When asked someone said, “would you recommend the company to a friend?” as a possible employer, and “do you approve of the CEO” the responses where an almost resounding no across the board. Although for their in house surveys they have a lot better responses, why you might ask is because people do not trust their submissions are going to be given anonymity.

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