An event that is arguably worth more value and attention that it has received in recent months for Apple amid their FBI fiasco, is something that is good, really good actually. Its referred to as Apple’s CareKit and it released last Monday. This is and open source platform which allows the developers to create consumer-oriented apps that will help their patients communicate with their healthcare providers and monitor them more closely than ever before possible. Jeff Williams a chief operator of the program says that “When we introduced ResearchKit, our goal was simply to improve medical research, and we thought our work was largely done,” he said. “What became clear to us later was the very same tools used to advance medical research can also be used to help people with their care.”

Apple new product "iWatch", SCMP studio, 07APR15.  {Cannot use at anywhere before Hong Kong time 20:00 08APR15}

The initial release will reach little more that 10 thousand participants which will make it the worlds largest research study of disease according to Apple. The app will also help the researchers understanding of Parkinson’s disease. This is one of the few diseases they are going to hyper focus on. The idea being that if they atleast know to a limited degree what questions they are trying to answer before hand it will stream line the process and make this platform a lot more useful to its users and the medical field in general. This is a standard role of business in information technology.¬†

This platform will also pair with your smartphone giving a wider range of data points including regional and environmental factors and contaminates. Thus creating this application which is designed to monitor health conditions, Apple is going to essentially provide an intimate detailed information on consumer behavior in a way that previously was not available¬†on a large scale. This is going to be an interesting new frontier of computing, personal security, net neutrality, business, and of coarse health. It is on one hand extremely optimistic and hopeful for what this platform will be able to do on so many levels, however, we need to bare in mind that Apple brgis the most profitable company in the United States. We often have this very cushy image of them as being the computer of the people and our buddy we get expensive coffee with and talk about NPR on our way to Yoga class. But why do we have this image? Is it warranted? Probably not, Apple as we know is a sever abuser of human rights from the cobalt mining they support in Africa that exploits children into a life of bondage and slavery, to the very manufacturing of their products in China that exploits their work force to work for about a dollar an hour US for 6 days a week, for over 12 hours a day. I’m not saying that this new invention of theirs may not do some good, I think it will. But to sit there will a straight face and think that there will not be some unforeseen consequence of giving this company our most intimate data of our lives is extremely naive and potentially dangerous.


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