There is a new European iOS App Development Center, announced back in January, is about to officially launch their university di┬áNapoli Federico in Italy. When Apple made made their announcement, its plants for what is now seen as their new development center, the first of its kind in fact to offer training for app developers in Europe. They didn’t say which school it would be partnering with to push the specialized curriculum too. This is just one of many decisions in the past new months that have the general public scratching their heads and wondering what the heck Apple is thinking and what their plan moving forward is or will ever be. Apple as we know is set to report their fiscal third quarter financial report fairly soon. and as we can imagine it doesn’t look good, in fact it looks down right bad. They really needed a good quarter, at least a neutral one, to restore faith in their company among their investors and we are going to see that this skid may actually be the new normal and its going to be pretty scary for the American economy when we consider that there is not going to be a real recovery.

The firm does not expect that the third quarter results and even the forth quarter guidance will change its view on Apple Inc. Oppenheimer expected the iPhone 7 product cycle to be much weaker than is due to a lack of major improvements. As a result the firm lowered its fiscal 2017 revenue and earning report per share of investment. Because of the the firm has thus lowered its fiscal 2017 revenue and warning per share all the way down $209 billion on $8.18 per hare from their initial $222 billion on $9.04 per share which is also based on assumed lower iPhone and Apple Watch shipments. Oppenheimer downgraded Apple back on April of the 27th which was based on a bearish outlook for the iPhone 7. The firm also has the belief that incremental design changes this coming year will also not be compelling enough to really drive an upgrade cycle as we know it and thus continue to believe the 7 cycle will undersell the 6s cycle. Thus the firm has really lowered its fiscal 2017 iPhone shipments to 197 million from 213 million. That’s a pretty hefty chunk of change and a problem when we consider what a vital role they play both in the national discussion in regards to policy and the determinate challenge that surround our world and tech initiatives as a whole. When we are looking at what will happen if Apple falls from grace the catastrophe scenarios the news wants to play up is probably never going to happen. The reason being is that if Apple were to go away tomorrow, who would really replace them ? there is such a small pool when it comes to tech and the tech industry as a whole that the potential raises and gains are only incremental and are thus not really going to be cause for concern as we are often led to believe.

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