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Information technology is playing an important role in helping the organization to work effectively and efficiently. It provides for better communication, electronic storage and security of the data.  With the constant change and improvement of the computer technology it has become quite necessary for the enterprises to upgrade their computer technology in order to meet the competition and survive in the market.

Information technology is a term that includes all sort of technology which is used to store, exchange, and use or create data. The commonly used equipments of this sector are peripherals devices, computers, server, network connecting items and phone etc.

Benefits regarding business

Advancement in the technology is playing a major role in the development of an enterprise. For example use of an automated machine not only reduces the cost of production but also saves time of production and in addition to this it also produces the similar size and quality product as there is no space for the clerical error. There are many other advantages of the advancement in the technology and few of them are listed below –  

  • Increase in production and save time-with the advancement in the technology the production process has become quite easy; as much of the work has become automated, this automation not only saves time but also increases the production of the firm.
  • Improved communication – due to advancement in the technology the communication between the companies and with the costumers has improved. The advancement in the communication has filled the gap between the customers and the companies. In addition to the external communication internal communication has also become smooth and easy.
  • Data storage- with the growing technology the methods of keeping the data has also changed, now a days the companies store their data on the computers and create the backup, in order to retrieve data in case it is lost.
  • Easy access to data- with the help of new technology one can have access to data from all round the globe and at any time, just by registering themselves with few sites
  • Better financial management- manual accounting is the method of accounting used in the past days, now various software’s are used for performing various accounting tasks. Use of these software’s in accounting lowers the chances of the clerical mistakes. And in addition to this a business owner who does not have much knowledge of accounting, can easily match his books of accounts with these software’s.
  •  Easy advertisements- with the help of advancement  in the technology the advertisement of the product has become an easy task for the businessmen and in addition to big business men,  small and medium size entrepreneurs are also able to advertise their product

Strength the consumer and producer relationship – companies are using the social technologies for communicating with their customers for getting their valuable reviews on their product. This decrease in the communication gap helps in building the strong consumer- producer relationship which in turn results in the growth of the business.